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You’ve heard it before if you wear glasses. You may have heard some less flattering variations on the theme, too, especially in school. Kids can be cruel. But is there any truth to it? Let’s start with the most common assumption: glasses make you look smarter. There’s been a decent amount of research done over the years, and the studies overwhelmingly come in positive on that one.


Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you!

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Do you think contacts might hurt your eyes or be hard to take care of? Not wearing corrective lenses can cause headaches and other problems. If you already have glasses or contacts, your vision may have changed and you need a new prescription. Learning disabilities can also cause reading problems by making it difficult to write, read, or do math. Many teens have trouble seeing objects up close or far away. This is called a refractive error and is the most common type of eye problem.

Your eyes have lenses that focus light on the retina, or back of the eye. The retina changes the light into electrical signals that are sent to the brain. The brain uses these signals to create an image of what you see. The cornea and lens bend the incoming light so that the image is focused on the retina, which is located at the back of the eye. See image above.

Eye Health: Corrective Lenses, Glasses, and Contacts

I wear glasses, and have for over 15 years. Does it put people off though? Do glasses make a difference to how fanciable you find someone? When I was younger I felt pretty uncomfortable about wearing my glasses. Needless to say there was an awful lot of squinting involved. During my late teens and early twenties, I was still pretty vain, and would regularly sacrifice the power of sight on a night out.

Some men have thought it would be sexy to take my glasses off for me, and most of I briefly considered using them as second-date bait, but it seemed extreme.

There’s just something so endearing about a man who rocks a pair of glasses. He looks smart, attentive and a little bit nerdy. You can either take him as he is or move on. A guy in glasses always seems to be full of surprises. And he can likely back it up. He’s a bibliophile. Glasses and readers go hand-in-hand. There is nothing sexier than a guy wearing a great pair of Oliver Peoples, cozied behind a leather-bound novel.

Because he has to take his glasses off before you do the deed, your image will be a little bit obscured. He just seems like someone you can trust. As smart as he looks, he’s equally professional. He is the kind of guy who loves to learn, loves to devour knowledge and expand his understanding of any- and everything.

The Guys With Glasses: 19 Reasons to Date Them

Man in glasses kissing woman. Guy embracing girl and kiss. Urban people love outside dates.

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This might impend a beautiful relationship waiting to blossom under his patience and caring. Getting back to work after a long gap of 14 years was a tough job indeed, particularly when it came to making a career choice. She was a teacher before getting married, but had to quit on account of domestic responsibilities. Now, with her kids all grown up, she found it right to turn back to her first-love, her passion- writing.

She simply wanted to do something she loved. Juggling between her roles as a dedicated home-maker, a doting mother and an aspiring writer is no easy task, but she loves every moment of it. And she believes that your attitude is reflected in your writing and that you need not look up to others for inspiration, it is best if it comes from within your own self.

I wear glasses and am an average reasonably good looking guy perhaps — I can have a touch of geek although not a lot. There are reasons why girls like it if there are. Since men cannot wear earrings or bracelets as easily as a woman can or make up — its a way for them to have something on although not the only one. It is also true that there has been a stereotype of men with glasses being intelligent and good.

Maybe this is a correlation or some sort although only a girl who is a shallow gold digger like some of these dumb American and even worse well brought up European and Asian women sometimes can believe as maybe they have a cultural image though they are not using their critical thinking skills. Because a guy has them on or not means nothing about lots of factors about his skills, knowledge mindset or personality in certain areas of life yet alone mentality.

Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses

Los Angeles is also acceptable but be careful not to get sucked into the Southern California culture. After a while I don’t even notice a person’s glasses. Eating meat isn’t always popular with the hipster culture, and many hipsters tend to be vegetarian or vegan. Keep color tones Dating a hipster guy glasses such as blue, brown, grey, and white and black. Greasy hair is considered okay by some in the hipster hlpster.

A guy in glasses always seems to be full of surprises. He’s the dude you go to bed The Guys With Glasses: 19 Reasons to Date Them. Juggling between her​.

Have you ever thought about the guys with glasses and dating one of them? There are several reasons that girls easily feel for them, these guys are really charming and mysterious as well for girls always. Girls always fall immediately with the guy fall for mystery and smart looks, and this is what these guys with glasses have. So they are always so caring and understanding. Men who wear glasses are always full of surprises even if you underestimate them. These guys are always the best in the bed because they are full of mystery and girls love this unexpected chemistry.

Sometimes he might be shy but he still is full of knowledge and is capable of making you happy in every situation, he looks like a boy but he is a great man. Guys in glasses always look smart and highly-educated person, and no matter how much they know about a particular topic, they always can impress others just by a few wise sentences. He wears glasses so he is not just highly educated but also a good example of intelligence and he is always ready to be tested.

So if you want a guy that has smartness and intelligence as his main characteristics then looking for guys who wear glasses is a better option. These guys always seem like they are really good in reading and debating things, they can easily use their intelligence to defeat almost everyone.

All the Reasons Why Girls Go Gaga for Guys with Glasses

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As a woman who has worn glasses since the ripe old age of two, it’s nice to date or have a significant other with glasses. It’s hot and I feel like I don’t look like a.

Is there some secret behind why guys with glasses are so irresistible? Whether they have them to see or just as an added fashion accessory, there is something about these guys that makes girls tick. Guys with glasses have a certain air about them that attract women to their combination of book smarts and mysteriousness. They lure girls in with their innocence and then blow their minds like never before. Not only are they easy to look at, but also have an above-average intellect to go along with it.

So the ultimate question is: are guys with glasses the right types of guys to date or to stay away from?

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When you’re single and looking to mingle, there’s absolutely no shame in turning to online dating aka the ol’ millennial standby to help you find someone. There’s also no shame in doing some research to figure out how to get more matches on dating apps — because putting a little time and effort upfront into updating your dating profile can really pay off in the long run.

One thing that can seriously make all the difference? Knowing what kinds of pictures to use on dating apps , and which ones are better left to collect virtual dust on your old Photobucket account. Rather than trying to optimize for the most hearts, I always suggest trying to optimize for the right hearts.

Here are 6 reasons why men are attracted to women who wear glasses: going to wear on her next date and one with whom you can talk about a lot of stuff.

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She tries time and again to make both the relationship she once thought she had no idea how serious come back into her arms. And in order to finally let her alone and accept her has to someday be separated. They both have to be willing to leave and accept their differences in a loving relationship. I just hope they will be honest with each other and the other person — they can both be honest with themselves.

Really great insight into what to do because I think that is a very specific question daters have. I think we all do not understand what is essentially a cultural difference when dating and a difference in interest.

Men who wear glasses can get laid, even nerdy looking ones can get the girl if he is well built and confident in himself.

Remember how they move a girl to contact lenses from glasses in movies whenever they want to make her look prettier or sexier, and when the guy finally falls in love he tells her that he liked her better with the glasses on. Saying that girls with glasses are brainier makes just as much sense as saying that guys with mustaches are creepier. But somehow, a woman wearing a pair of spectacles does appear to be the studious type.

You see a girl, and you think of making a pass. Then you notice her glasses and you think again about what you were about to do. Moreover, if she really is a nerd, she is one who fully embraces her nerdy side. If you think that glasses would stop a girl from looking hot, well, think again. I know what your answer is. Long gone are the days when glasses were viewed as something to be embarrassed of. Besides the fact that every third person has an eye sight issue these days, celebrities have started showing up on red carpets and TV shows with glasses on and it has become more of a fashion symbol than a remedy to fix bad eyes.

Have you have fallen for a girl with glasses? OR if you are a girl who wear glasses do you feel the need to switch to contacts when going out?

There’s now a dating app for people who wear glasses

These guys with glasses look quirky, intelligent, and just the right amount of nerdy that is just so unimposing and endearing. In fact, guys with glasses are walking contradictions. They surprise you in more ways than you can imagine.

If you met a man on a blind date at a local bar and he was wearing glasses would you? 49% of women would be happy and then send a photo.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Somebody had started a thread about having your partner see you naked in the light or something along those lines , and that just triggered a memory for me I was once dating a guy who wore glasses, everytime we fooled around he’d always take his glasses off. Well one morning we woke up and I was wearing a teddy which I’d never worn for him before that and we started fooling around, I got on top with the lingerie still on and he reached for his glasses and put them on.

I remember thinking that was so weird, I really wasn’t sure how bad his vision was but I’d imagine it wasn’t too bad since we had sex in the dark and he never needed his glasses. So for those of you who wear glasses, do you have sex with your glasses on or off? My vision is not too bad.


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